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Vivian Campbell's Page

Biography and Facts on Vivian Campbell

Full Name:  Vivian Campbell
Birthdate:  August 25, 1962
Birthplace:  Belfast, N. Ireland
Residence:  Los Angeles, California
Height:  5'8"
Family:  The son of Vivian, a company director, and Mary, a housewife and "the world's most dedicated amateur golfer" Campbell.  Vivian has an older sister, Fiona, a translator living in Brussels, and two younger brothers;  John studies music at the U. of Belfast (he plays saxophone and bass) and Michael is a trainee pilot in Tennesse.
Marital Status:  Married to Jewels since February 1987.  They met through a friend in 1984.
Children:  two daughters, Lily rose and Una Marigold

Up Close & Personal
He may be the new to Def Leppard, but Vivian Campbell is a familiar fretman to avid followers of the hard rock scene - his guitar artistry has been showcased in Dio, Whitesnake, the Riverdogs, and most recently, Shadow King.  "I'm sure that it appeared on the surface that i jumped from band to band for the sake of my own career, but that's never been my intent," says Vivian, nothing that he was planning to do a solo record and not join another group, but Def Leppard was too good to pass up.  "I consider it a great privilege to be a part of a band who, as a fan, I have watched grow from young hopefuls to a bona fide rock institution," says Vivian, who knew Joe Eilliott through mutual friends and got to know the rest of the band when he was asked to jam with them in January in L.A.  Viv's guitar playing, strong vocals (he'd been taking singing lessons since his Whitesnake days), and personality fit the band perfectly, and he found they shared similar background and influences.  Slinging guitar since he saw T-Rex on Top of the Pops and Rory Gallagher live in concert, Viv was "totally rebellious" as a youth, and was expelled from school at 16.  He spent two years in Sweet Savage, a band whose career paralleled Def Leppard's at first (they released EPs around the same time), but when Savage's progress stalled, Vivian joined Dio at 19.  While it was a good opportunity, he knew "that I was never destined to spend the rest of my days in that band," and left due to constant clashes with Ronnie Dio.  His attempt at forming his own band, Trinity, failed, he joined Whitesnake in 1987.  But that situation proved to be less than ideal, and Vivian, who was shut out of the songwriting process, left the band post-tour.  He became involved with the Riverdogs when he was asked to produce their tape, but the project was plagued with problems from the start.  Shadow King, Vivian admits, was something "to buy me time until I was ready to make my own record."  Now those plans are on indefinite hold, as Viv is quite happily occupied as a member of Def Leppard.  This time, he intends to say put.

Other facts about Rick:
Influences:  Marc Bolan, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher, Think Lizzy
Other Favorites:  U2, Aretha Franklin, Crowded House, "any Motown".
Favorite Food:  Thai, Indian, mother's
Favorite Drink:  Water
Favorite Color:  Blue, red, black, green
Favorite Actor & Actresses:  Christopher Walken, Angela Huston, "Laura Dern's shoulders"
Hobbies:  Cars, jammin' and football
PetBear Bear, a "big, orange, fat tomcat"
Equipment:  Randall amps, GHS strings, and almost 40 guitars of various types his favorites are Tom Anderson strats (he tours with these) and a black Les Paul he played in Dio.

More Facts
Vivian doesn't play on Adrenalize, but will be heard on many of the b-sides to singles released from the album
Vivian actually made his debut with Def Leppard a week before the mega-huge Concert For Live - the band played to 600 people at a Dublin club the week before
Vivian stays in touch with some former bandmates, including ex-Whitesnake cohort tommy Aldridge, ex-Dio buddies Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain, the Riverdogs ("They're even better now that they got rid of me," he says), and the guys in his first band, Sweet Savage